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Welcome to the Lake Erie shipwreck pages. The intent of this site is to provide divers with information pertaining to the numerous shipwrecks at the bottom of Lake Erie and to increase awareness of this valuable historical and recreational resource.

In researching this matter we discovered that many of the available nautical reference books and charts are full of errors and myths. It is our hope that our efforts may help dispel much of this erroneous information. Toward this end we request any divers or other interested parties with pertinent data they wish to share to e-mail us at or to mail us at 314 East 195th Street - Euclid, Ohio - 44119. We welcome any relevant information, and are especially interested in wreck locations (Loran, GPS, Lat & Long . . .), depths, condition and any stories relating to dives on Lake Erie shipwrecks. All data will be verified to the best of our ability prior to being posted. When this is not possible the information will be noted as being unverified. Also, we have chosen to include common often quoted myths in the hopes that these may thus be debunked.

At this time we wish to thank all the individuals who have assisted us in this project. We especially wish to mention David Swayze the author of Shipwreck! and the researchers at the Institute For Great Lakes Research for the help they have provided. This site is maintained as a public service by Alchem Incorporated.

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