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Targets are printed on 24 pound paper for strength using color fast inks to reduce running of the print in damp conditions. These may be glued to cardboard to reduce tearing and extend the useful life of the product. We recommend the spray adhesives available in hardware and home improvement stores since these seem to be the easiest to use and give good results.

Luttrell Psalter Target

This is the first of our printed archery targets. Our version provides multiple scoring rings of the correct diameters so that it may be used to shoot the SCA Royal Round, Inter Kingdom Archery Competition, and the SCA Period IKAC. This eliminates the need to change targets between shoots and actually allows multiple competitions to be shot and scored simultaneously. This design was created in order to replace the 60cm FITA target.

Targets are available in rolls of five for $22.50. When ten or more are ordered to be shipped together, the price is $4.00 per target. These prices include shipping to US addresses. Customers outside the US should e-mail us at the above address with the quantity you wish to order. We'll calculate the cheapest shipping charge and respond with the total purchase price including shipping.

Prices are as follows:
  • Rolls of 5 targets $22.50 US
    To US addresses, includes shipping
  • Rolls of 10 targets $40.00 US
    To US addresses, includes shipping
  • Price per target when 10 or more are ordered to be shipped together $4.00 US
    To US addresses, includes shipping