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Above is a photo of our grosse messer sword hilt. This example is set up for use in the left hand. These may be ordered mounted on our Alchem or Safeflex long blades. Blades may be straight or curved. Our hilt consists simply of an 11 3/4 inch long cross guard with one open (unfilled) side ring, a grip and pommel. The side ring measures 2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. An optional perforated plate is available to cover the side ring for an additional charge of $5. This perforated plate is removable when mounted on one of our threaded rod tang blades. Guards may be ordered straight (I), serpentine (S), or curved forward (C shaped). When ordering be sure to specify whether the sword is to be held in the left or right hand. We provide the same hilt mounted on our Safeflex dagger blade. This may be found with our other daggers on the Grosse Messer Dagger Hilts page.

Prices are as follows:
  • Hilt with up to 40" Alchem flat tang blade (any finish, or guard shape) $175 US ($170 foreign) 1.43pounds = .65kgs
    To US To Canada Other Countries
  • Hilt with Alchem rod tang Safeflex broadsword blade (any finish, or guard shape) $165 US ($160 foreign) 1.43pounds = .65kgs
    To US To Canada Other Countries
  • Add the perforated plate $5
    Any Destination
When ordering, be sure to specify (PayPal provides for comments to seller)
  • finish ('B'lack or 'G'ray),
  • shape for 11 3/4" guards ('I' straight, 'C' curved, 'S' serpentine).
  • blade length,
  • blade straight or slightly curved,
  • for the left or right hand,
  • Please note: If not specified, the defaults are gray, straight, 36 inches, no curve, right handed.