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Above is a photo of our main gauche hilt which consists of a raised steel shell, a banded hardwood grip, and a small pommel. These are available in an unpierced or a pierced shell with two patterns. The available patterns are the Pappenheimer on the left and the Mercenary on the right.
Customers ordering these items to be shipped to an address outside the US should e-mail us with your address and we'll calculate the shipping charge.
Prices on fencing main gauche daggers with 11 3/4" quillons are as follows:
  • Hilt alone (any finish) $75 US ($70 foreign) .80pounds = .367kgs
  • Hilt with Safeflex 15 to 18 inch long dagger blade (any finish) $125 US ($120 foreign) 1.16pounds = .527kgs
  • Hilt with alehouse 20 to 24 inch long dagger blade (any finish) $130 US ($125 foreign) 1.16pounds = .527kgs
When ordering main gauche dagger components be sure to specify (PayPal provides for comments to seller)
  • the piercework design ('M'ercenary, or 'P'appenheimer),
  • the finish ('B'lack or 'G'ray).
  • If not straight, the shape for the guard ('C' curved, 'S' serpentine).
  • If 'S' serpentine, will the dagger be used in the left or right hand?
  • blade length from 15 to 18 inches for Safeflex, 20 to 24 inches for alehouse,
  • If not specified, the defaults are pappenheimer, gray, straight, 18 or 22 inches.

Photos displayed on this page were provided by H.Ravenwood