Alchem Fencing Hilts And Associated Long Blades
314 East 195th St.
Euclid, Ohio 44119

We are now able to offer our Alchem Rectangular Rod Tang Blades in bulk to hilt makers, schools, and re-sellers. For more detailed information and pricing, go to the bottom of our Long Blades page.

Our steel hilts are currently available in several models, finishes, and guard types. This allows for a range of customization to meet the buyer's requirements. All hilts come in either a factory blue black or wire brushed gray finish. Rod tang blades are mounted with wooden grips banded at both ends to eliminate splitting. These come in a dark brown stain finish. Other colors are available on request. Flat tang blades now come with wooden slab grips unless otherwise noted. Complete rapiers are shipped with pommels of the appropriate weight for the type and length of blade. Most hilts are available with one of two perforation patterns. The first of these is based on a Pappenheimer rapier in the collection of the Cleveland Museum Of Art. For a detailed look at the Pappenheimer cut out pattern click here. The second is a playing card motif which we refer to as the mercenary pattern. For a detailed look at the mercenary cut out pattern click here. Other patterns are also available where appropriate.

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